Trudeau and India

Canada is a peaceful nation which prides itself on accepting many Sikh migrants from India.

On the surface, this seems like a very good policy to have- include everyone, and anyone.

However, the effects of such a policy have strained the relations between Canada and India. India does not support the Khalistan Movement- because it enriches on the sovereign characteristic of our country’s territory.

However, Canada is full of such people who do support the Khalistan movement. Some of them, are also in Ministerial Positions. Canada’s stand has always been that of supporting India, however, the actions and words of a few people from the Canadian Government has often been at an opposition.

India has been wary of this.

This is why there was such a huge cry about how the Prime Minister of India did not extend the same courtesy of a hug at the airport to Justin Trudeau, unlike some of the other greetings he has given to other leaders.

The fact is that Trudeau is in a conflicting position- please the people back at home, or please India.

The solution for India was simple- follow simple diplomatic protocol.

The solution for Canada?

Simple: Go along with it.

Trudeau is stuck, and the sticky gum is going to take over if he doesn’t address this problem soon. The Khalistan Movement receives a lot of donations from people in Canada. One way to show something to India is to crack down hard on these people.

The other solution is simple as well- let this simmer down, and continue preaching peace.



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