The Times Up and the Me Too Movement

2017 was the year of the women who had had enough with sexual assault and objectification.

Somewhere in Hollywood, an aspiring actress now has hope that her voice will be heard. That she won’t just be dismissed because ‘it happens.’

The Times Up movement stemmed from the fact that many actresses out there lost their dignity and their self respect because they decided to pursue a career in acting.

The Me too movement was a movement of this sorts- except it was for women who had already undergone sexual assault in the harsh movie industry.

Hollywood can be  tough place for any person. The high beauty standards set by some women who consider their appearances to be the most important has pushed people to undergo physically changing surgeries. The demands of directors and producers towards actresses to look a certain way and to make or break their careers has led to many lives being thrown down the drain.

Whether it is Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein, the fact is that assault was seen as something natural. People say, well is you want to make it somewhere you’ve got to sacrifice what you love.

But that isn’t true!

You can be strong, beautiful, and dignified in your own self if you want to. Actresses don’t realise that keeping up with the demand of toxic producers, directors, and actors can ruin their life in a heart beat.

You shouldn’t be expected to dress yourself a particular way to make it somewhere. You can make it anywhere if you change the perception of how you get there. You can develop yourself in such a way that producers and directors beg for you to come and be a part of their cast.

It’s all about yourself. It’s all about making yourself so strong, that you are immune to the practices of conventional hollywood. Make a mark or yourself. That’s the only way anyone will get anywhere.



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