Children’s Rights

All people have human rights.


And just like all people over the age of 18, children too have special rights. Rights are the measures granted to an individual so that he or she can reach their full potential and be treated fairly.


One can argue that children aren’t intellectual enough to be granted rights, and that they lack the means to make their own decisions at a young age, and therefore, parents are to have maximum flexibility while making a decision about the welfare of their child. But, it does not go to say, that children don’t have any rights at all, and are the subject of parents’ mercy till they are 18 and able to exercise broader rights such as their political right to vote.


Today, the world is a dangerous place. With gender inequality and the decreasing value of female children, disabled children, and orphaned children, it is important to protect the future generation from the horrors of the world.


Children, like all other adults have some rights related to personal liberties and collective liberties. Some of the most basic rights of a child are Freedom to live, freedom of expression, liberty of opinion and thought, as well as freedom of association with any religion.


While these rights and liberties are absolute, they can be restricted. A child is a bright light when he or she enters the world, and to preserve this light, they need to be protected until a certain age.


However, many people have misused the ideal of restriction. A child is meant to be nurtured and cared for. In India, however, many children undergo parental pressure and abuse in the name of listening to the orders of superiors. It is an emotional scar to do so to a child and leaves the child psychologically troubled. In severe cases, it may lead to depression and detachment from the world.


To protect children does not mean to impose jail-like conditions on them in hopes that they will become more disciplined. Therefore, every right a child should have is a right against abuse and pressure.


Highlighting the need to bring up children in a happy and sustainable environment, every child should have the right to equal and basic facilities in order to pursue the various aspirations they have in mind.


To ignore equality of every child would be to legitimize the discrimination that children from certain groups are facing.


In light of all the above-mentioned rights, it is fair to say that a child is human like everyone else, and thus deserves similar rights. After all, children are the proof that innocence still exists in the world, and should this be tarnished, it will be the darkest time in the history of the world.


Don’t you agree?


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